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Welcome to the Home of Acadiana Lacrosse!

Acadiana Lacrosse Friends was formed in 2010 to provide a framework and organizational structure for the growth of youth lacrosse in the Acadiana region. Team will play with the goal of teaching the sport through participation and providing a fun experience for all involved. We police ourselves in the effort to provide an outlet for kids that has not been swept up in the pressure-filled, win-at-all-cost mania that is all too present in today's youth sports. With common rules, regulations, philosophies and a communication structure in place we can all play and grow together. We hope and strive to provide a format for a safe and meaningful lacrosse experience for all players and promote the growth of lacrosse in Acadiana while maintaining the highest possible levels of sportsmanship.

Speed Lacrosse. Registration is first day of each session.  Please note you do not have to attend every day during the session.

Private Lacrosse Lessons

1 hour 1 player $20

1 hour 2 players $30

Please contact coach directly to set up lessons. Pay the coaches directly.

All are or will be Hurricane Lacrosse Coaches for next season.

Ross Jacobs            713-876-8000      wakelax17@gmail.com                            Middies and Attack Primarily

Phil Crea                    717-307-5152      ptcrea@verizon.net                                   Goalie and Defense

Ashton Langlinais    337-356-4620       apl8694@louisiana.edu                          Middie, Attack, Face-off 

Casey McDonald      337-315-2503      CoachCaseyMcDonald@gmail.com      All positions-Skills and drills. Girls

Austin Benton          337-344-9132         a.benton.m@gmail.com                            All positions

Blake Stelly              337-658-3892        stelly.michael3@gmail.com                     Middies and Attack

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